HB0/PI4TUE DX-pedition 2001

See also DX-pedition foto's of 2000

Photo's   Liechtenstein 2001

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Liechtenstein, enclosed by Austria and the river Rhine,
at the right Switserland.

Our QTH again, 2000 m asl.
At the left the 2m antenna in HB9QQ's tower.


The 6 meter receiver antenna

Looking to the west, direction France.

The shack. At the left PA3HCZ and almost invisible PA3EZL.
At the right PA3GFE on 6m and in the back PE1OGF on 2m.

At the right our 2 HF stations and at the left our DX-cluster.
PE1PRG is practising CW with the only available side tone generator.

PE1OGF on 2m (back) and PA3EZL on 6m (front).


The home brew 30m QRP transceiver of HB0/PA3GFE
on top of the PA of one of the HF stations.

No beams for the HF-bands this year,
but dipoles and verticals. 
Also a vertical for 6 meter.


And an AMA magnetic loop (80-15 meters)

For 2 meter and 13 cm single yagi antenna's.


Just some QSO's in our 6 meter log.....

And, at the end of our stay in Liechtenstein, a visit to the Prince and Countess of Liechtenstein

H.S.H. Prince Hans-Adam II von und zu Liechtenstein
with left Jons PE1PRG and right Fred PE1RTE

Countess Marie Kinsky von Wchinitz und Tettau
with left Fred PE1RTE and right Jons PE1PRG


Foto's : PA0NZH