HB0/PI4TUE DX-pedition 2000

To increase the download time for telephone line downloaders, the photo's are spreaded over a number of pages.

Going to Liechtenstein
Building antenna's
The shack and operators
Our daily live
Portable activities
Walking in the mountains
The end
Photo's  Page 7 : The end

The last dinner.

The food was excellent. PE1PRG starts with a typical Liechtensteiner barbeque dish?
No, just sausages which are cutted in a special way.

Close to sunset the last wire antenna's are still hanging.

Next morning. All the equipment and all the antenna's have to go down again.

A last group photo before half of the crew goes down to collect the items the other half are going to send.

400 meters down again.

Loading the cars is now more easy. We know it will fit.

Back home ..... See you next year ?