HB0/PI4TUE DX-pedition 2000

To increase the download time for telephone line downloaders, the photo's are spreaded over a number of pages.

Going to Liechtenstein
Building antenna's
The shack and operators
Our daily live
Portable activities
Walking in the mountains
The end
Photo's  Page 6 : Walking in the mountains

Walking over small paths.

Meeting some obstacles.....

and beautiful sightseeing.

The first snow. Even with the sun shining it didn't melt.

Very steep 200 meters down. Be carefull.

Almost at the top of the Augstenberg. Just a few meters.

The top is reached. PE1RTE and PA0NZH are visiting the top for the first time.

PA3EZL and PE1RTE looking for the next destination.

It is crowded at the top.

Looking 2000 meters down into HB9 at the other side of the river Rhine.

The Pfalzer Hutte is on a short distance but 400 meters down.

So, we go 400 meters down again.

It is easy to find your way.

PA3EZL at the border in Liechtenstein.

And now in Austria.

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