HB0/PI4TUE DX-pedition 2000

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Going to Liechtenstein
Building antenna's
The shack and operators
Our daily live
Portable activities
Walking in the mountains
Going home again
Photo's  Page 4 : Our daily live

The sleeping room and 10 GHz rain scatter shack. We sleep on the right site on the ground.

At 8 AM breakfast is served in the restaurant.

Sometimes we have to shop in Malbun. If the weather was good, we walked.

On our way down in the morning there were always some "mormeltieren" watching us.

What weather to expect today? Our Smiths barometer gives an indication.

The weather is excellent today. We drink a beer outsite with Michel F5MZN

At stricktly 6 PM it is diner time. Johan PA3HCW and YL Diana are visiting us.

Ready for take off. Michel's daily flight to inspect the antenna's?

Operator did fall asleep again.

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