HB0/PI4TUE DX-pedition 2000

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Going to Liechtenstein
Building antenna's
The shack
Our daily live
Portable activities
Walking in the mountains
The end
Photo's  Page 3 : The shack 

The shack with at the foreground PA3GFE using the 6 meter station. On these tables there are 4 stations, each station with a log computer

The 2m and 70cm table, and.... the Linux server table. On the foreground you see the Linux PC (tnx PA3FXW) with the packet link to HB9GR. Also the very small Libretto laptop with Linux was a great help. In the middle of the table you see ON7RB's 70cm PA. He lend us the PA, thanks again Roland. At the right PE1OGF's 2m station.

Michel working at the Linux PC. This was the main terminal for chatting with the DX-cluster. The packet link was very stable, but at the end of the DX-pedition period the DX-cluster in Europe was repeating old announcements and became unstable.

Close up of the 2m station.

Olli and Olli were visiting us. On the foreground Ulli DL2HBX and on his left side Olivier F5MZN. On short wave they called them selves both "Olli".  If you worked Olli, please guess....

Sometimes a repair or a modification was needed. John is repairing one of the Kenwood 2m transceivers.

Most of John's modifications ended in cable amputations.

Operator did fall asleep during calling CQ with the memory keyer.

PA3GFE worked 10 GHz via rain scatter through the window of our sleeping room.

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