HB0/PI4TUE DX-pedition 2000

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Going to Liechtenstein
Building antenna's
The shack and operators
Our daily live
Portable activities
Walking in the mountains
Going home again
Photo's  Page 2 :Building the antenna's

While a thunderstorm is growing fast, the assembly of PA3CLH's tower started.

The thunderstorm passed without a drop of rain at our QTH. The assembly continues.

Fred is mounting the top part.

Building up the two 2m and the 70cm antennas. The tower is one of the two allumina towers of Pierre HB9QQ. He so kind to lend his antenna fascility at this Liechtenstein QTH.

Also HF operator Aurelio is interested in VHF antenna constructions?

Some real strength is needed to lift the antenna. PE1OGF, our strongest man, power lifting the tower.

Ready, we can start making QSO's.

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