PI4TUE / PI5EHV VHF-UHF-SHF Contest History
1980 - 1983 : PI5EHV

We did join the contest during the 80's but in those days the QEM level was a lot higher than today. In 1983 we stopped at this QTH and moved to a very small village with excellent take off. During the Marconi contest this country side QTH is still in use by a part of the former contest group, using the call PA3BAS.

We started with the student association around 1980, using the call PI5EHV.

The crew and equipment in 1982. From left to right Gert PA0NZH (now PG5D), Sjoerd PA0SHY, Paul PA3DSB, Ruud PA3DAP and Peter PA3AUC.  On the table on the left the FT7 and transverter for 2 meters (PA3AUC), in the middle the home brew 23cm station (PA0NZH) and on the right the 70cm transverter (PA0SHY)



The 70cm transverter


The 23cm station (second generation) at the 14th floor. On the table the 23cm transverter, the IC202e and a Stolle antenna rotator. On the trolley the 23cm PA with 3 x 2C39.

The 14th floor is a service floor, a large free area just below the roof. 

The 2 meters / 70 cm shack in 1982.

The food corner with a very interesting anouncement:

The test bench in the shack with the spectrum analyzer on the trolly

Dinner time. a short pause in the contest